Tourism Industry in Kelowna

Kelowna tourismIt is no secret that Kelowna is one of the hottest places to vacation in Canada right now. People from all over Canada, and the world, have taken an interest in what Kelowna has to offer and have made it a prime tourist destination. In fact, tourism is one of Kelowna’s main industries. Particularly in the summer time, the produce is remarkable and the sandy beaches of Lake Okanagan are packed with people. In town, the restaurants, bars and clubs are at maximum capacity. The reasons for this influx are as follows.

  • The wine industry of Kelowna and the rest of the Okanagan Valley is officially the number one wine destination of North America. It ranks as one of the most desirable wine destinations in the entire world, in fact. The main tourist draw to Kelowna is by far the wine industry. The forested high desert of the Okanagan Valley, with its arid summers and damp winters, makes for ideal vineyard growing conditions. Several varieties of wine that come from the Okanagan have been named best in the world in international wine competitions.
  • Outdoor recreation is another huge tourist draw to Kelowna. The city is known for its proximity to recreation lakes. Most of Kelowna is situated right on the massive Lake Okanagan which is home to a huge marina and a plethora of summer water sports. The lakes are situated in former glacier carvings and are cold, but the intense heat of a Kelowna summer makes the water temperature refreshing. There are incredible hiking and biking opportunities in and around Kelowna, including across the Myra Canyone trestles, which are another huge draw to the area. In the winter, local ski hill Big White brings winter sport enthusiasts to Kelowna from across the world.
  • Culinary tourism has an incredible draw to Kelowna. National food championships are held in Kelowna annually, and the restaurant scene is booming. The agriculture of the region is one of the best in all of Canada, and the farmed proteins and dairies are all local and fresh.
  • A large number of events are held in Kelowna as well, ranging from music festivals to alcohol tastings to sporting events to markets. These bring in an incredible amount of tourists.
  • Finding professional support services for medical and rehabilitation treatment centers is also available within the region.

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