Addiction counseling in Kelowna

The body physiology and response rate of persons differ. While some can take a substance without having complications, others might not have the same story to tell.

The differences, however, do not elude the fact that substance use abuse is fatal and dangerous. It negatively affects relationships with others, destroys families, homes, hopes, and goals. It leaves the person in a much worse state than he was before.

Although the physical effects of substance abuse vary from drug to drug, the symptoms are the same. The addition causes disorientation to their brain as they begin to function differently.

They will stop taking responsibility for their actions and even make reckless decisions. The continual use of the abused drugs leads to a state of dysfunctionality. Here, they lose interest in things they used to enjoy. They can even feel irritated by continual advice to stop the drugs, despite knowing the harm it causes.

Addicts are often violent people and will stop at nothing to get their drug of choice. Withdrawing from the drug is a herculean task as it causes withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may include restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, sweating, shaking, depression and nausea. This is where the work of a psychotherapist comes in.

Psychotherapists focus on helping the addict through the correction of certain behaviors. It has been discovered that a large percentage of substance use addicts abuse drugs because of some past experiences. Substance abused provides some short-term enjoyment. Hence, the reason they continue taking it.

Psychotherapists in Kelowna are well-trained to ensure addicts are sober by helping them set simple short-term goals that empower them.

The main priority of addiction counselors in Kelowna is to help their patient gains sobriety. Then they equip them with skills and techniques that will make them productive. They also help provide new strategies to deal with the experience that make them resort to substance use abuse.

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